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Golf cart wraps


Custom designs available

Our artists have been designing since high school (and that's a long time ago).  We can work with your ideas and make them a reality.  Camouflage Wraps, Beach Wraps, American Flag Wraps, Tattoo Designed Wraps, Flames and Skulls, Tribute Wraps.  You name it and we will create it.  Design fees begin at $100.00 and vary due to the complexity of the design.

we can do it at your place - or ours

Do you keep the cart in your garage?  Well... We can come to you and install the wrap.  We work with many makes and models of golf cart.  We also can go to the local dealership and ask them for specs on your cart, or you can send us the measurements and we will work the project up from there.  You can also trailer the cart to us, or we can put it in the back of our truck and pick it up and drop it off.  Pick-up and delivery charges apply.

color change golf cart wraps

Many different colors available.  We choose to work with mainly Avery Dennison, 3M, Vvivid, Hexis, Orafol, and Arlon manufactured vinyls.  

golf cart wrap FAQs

  • Can I take the wrap off?   Yes, absolutely.  The wrap is removable when it comes time to sell the cart.
  • Will the wrap stand up to the heat, salt, sand, all the daily weather elements?  Yes, absolutely.  Each vinyl manufacturer has a warranty for their product and we suggest you look that up before choosing a vinyl color.
  • Can I wash and wax the wrap?  Yes, we encourage applying a coating to help seal and protect your wrap.  We sell a wrap care kit in our store.
  • Why not just paint the cart?  You can.  We don't object to that option, we just don't offer it.
  • Is it less costly than paint?  That depends on who the painter is and what they charge.  Our wraps start at $450.00 for material and installation.  Custom designs are sold separately
  • What is the installation warranty?  We warranty our installations for 2 months.  We offer an extended installation warranty upon request
  • Will I have to take my cart apart?   Yes, we require all obstructions to be taken off the cart so your project is installed properly and is top quality.
  • Will the wrap pull the paint off?  Only if the cart was repainted at some point other than when the factory molded the plastic in the assembly line.
  • What wrap finishes are available?  We offer matte, gloss, metallic, carbon fiber, chrome and textured finishes.
  • Can I support a local or professional sports team?   Yes, we can help with that.  Please send us an email for details.