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Welcome to the world of vehicle vinyl wraps

color change vehicle wraps

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Changing the color of a vehicle these days is getting less and less expensive.  The amount of vinyl wrap color options out there are insane!  Hundreds of colors from many different manufacturers.  Before you send the vehicle to the paint shop, consider a color change vehicle wrap.

chrome delete

red chrome wrap, dodge ram 1500,stw wraps and graphics, chrome delete, vehicle wrap, bumper wrap

Doing a chrome delete package on a vehicle can dramatically increase the "Cool" factor for any vehicle.  It also protects the paint or chrome underneath. Check out some of the pics, and call for your appointment NOW

commercial vehicle wraps

fleet vehicle wrap wilmington north carolina, box truck wrap, commercial vehicle wraps, transit wrap

We all know how important #branding is these days in business.  We can make 1 vehicle or many vehicles look alike so the message you send is always the same.  This will ensure people know your company and are positive they know what you do.

themed vehicle wraps

breast cancer awareness truck wrap - fight for a cure - save the ta-tas - vehicle wrap - truck wrap

Themed vehicle wraps are an excellent way to share your passion and devotion for an event, organization, or individual that made a difference in your life.  We have years of experience with a variety of people who allowed us to use our gift to translate that message into a visual rendition to truly make an impact on others.

boat wraps

boat wrap, boat graphics, fishing boat, speedboat, center console boat wrap, wilmington nc

Do you love being on the water?  If you live in or near Wilmington North Carolina, chances are you like the beach and the water.  It's time to customize your boat or personal water craft with a boat wrap so your marine vehicle will stand out from the rest of them.

motorcycle wraps

motorcycle wrap, custom motorcycle, harley davidson, nnja, gsxr, cbr, winnabow north carolina 28479

Motorcycle wraps deliver a very custom and cool message.  Whether it's just a crazy design, some camouflage, or a themed wrap, your bike will surely be different when you go with a motorcycle wrap from STW Wraps and Graphics.

golf cart wraps

golf cart, golf cart wrap, custom golf cart wilmington north carolina, southport nc, vehicle wrap

Golf carts in North and South Carolina are a must in beach towns such as Southport, Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Ocean Isle, Bald Head Isle, and any of the local communities where it is ok to have them.  Now you can customize these cool little rides with a golf car wrap, and rep your image, your way.

other things we've wrapped


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

race car wraps

race car wrap, dodge challenger scat pack, vehicle wrap, winnabow north carolina 28479, vehicle wrap

These vehicle wraps are meant for the thrill seeker.  The person who needs to feel the "Need for Speed".  We have wrapped Legend Cars, Drag Race Cars, Modified Race Cars, Fire Department Race Trucks, and Street Race Cars. Check them out!

color change vehicle wrap benefits


why a color change vinyl wrap

If you're anything like me, and you love cars, and customizing them, then a color change vinyl wrap may be in your future.  Most of us in life these days own at least 5 or more cars in our lifetime.  Along with this comes some type of boredom or a need to customize our vehicle.  Color change vinyl wraps make it an easy way to change the vehicle's appearance without spending a fortune.  There are other benefits to a having a vinyl wrap installed on your vehicle in addition to boredom.

a vinyl wrap serves as a protective coating

Applying a layer of vinyl to your  vehicle will surely add a level of protection to the factory paint underneath.  This will mean less chips in the paint, road debris beating up your car's front end, and even scratches will be less noticeable.  Vinyl is a combination of rubber and plastic, and when heated it will  "heal itself" making some of those imperfections in the vinyl disappear.


There are so many vinyl colors, manufacturers of vinyl, textures, finishes, and patterns to choose from.  Some of those include colors that shade shift from one color to another, alligator skin textured vinyl where you can feel the bumps just like scales on an alligator.  Pearl colors where the metallic flakes are a different color than the vinyl so when the sun hits those colored flakes, the vinyl shines where it hits the pearl flakes.  It changes the look and adds such elegance to a wrap.


People ask us all the time, "Does it come off?"  Yes, with some effort the vinyl will come off, and the paint underneath will look the same as the day we installed it.  We have changed the colors of customer's vehicles more than once.  That is what makes a vehicle wrap great.  It can last up to a decade, AND be changed out if you were to get bored of the color.  Let's say you own a black Chevy Tahoe, and your bored of that same color but you love the truck.  We wrap it orange for you (because that's my favorite color) and you drive it looking sweet, bright and it stands out from every other Tahoe out there.  Time goes on and the vehicle is failing and you want something new.  Peel that wrap off, and sell the truck as a black truck again.  The paint will look as good as the day we wrapped it.

long lasting

This ain't your daddy's old vinyl people used for lettering these days.  This is wrap vinyl which has been engineered to conform to the complex curves of the vehicle.  The vinyl in most cases is rated to last up to 10 years!  Now that's an excellent time frame.  If I buy a black car, wrap it orange, and drive it for 6 years, then decide I want a new car, I know the wrap will look awesome for those 6 years!  I can take care of it just like any car.  I wash it, I wax it, I keep it looking fresh, then... I sell it and start over again.

WHY A BUSINESS NEEDS Commercial vehicle wraps

why does my business need a commercial vehicle wrap?

If you are a business owner, you NEED a vehicle wrap on your company's vehicles.  The reason is simple.  Getting your name out there to your local potential clients.  Most of the consumers today want to buy local, and they also have  avery short attention span.  THE PHONE BOOK IS DEAD!  That means our job is to show them who you are.  We hear all the time about business owners who want to keep a low profile when it comes to advertising on their vehicles, but what does that accomplish?  If you are a business owner who doesn't want additional customers, then maybe a wrap isn't for you.  You can click on this link to have us do vinyl lettering on your vehicles.  For those of you who really want to drive business and grow, then you need a vehicle wrap so you can stand out among the other competing businesses out there. 

Think about it... 

Scenario number 1.

Joe Diesel (not a real person I know) has a white pick-up I drive every day for 30 minutes along many various roads to get to work, then he drives that same truck to clients locations to service them which adds up to almost 3 additional hours on the road.  Then Joe drives that same white pickup for another 30 minutes back home.  That's 4 hours on the road each day!  Since Joe's pick-up is white, and has nothing stating he even owns a business, it blends in with the rest of the mundane trucks and cars out there. This will NOT help to get the phone to ring.

Scenario number 2.

Joe says "Well, I have a bit of a road rage issue, so I don't want to draw too much attention to myself."  Wait... WHAAAT?!  Do I even want to say something about that?  Road rage, anger, and business are a terrible combination.  Be pleasant and don't get into arguments on the road because that's just not mature.  Besides, who wants to do business with an angry individual no matter what color the vehicle is.

There is research out there proving a commercial vehicle wrap will get your businesses noticed light years faster than any other form of local advertising.  It is our MISSION to get your business noticed.

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