Why we love projects like these

People are effected by certain circumstances in life.  Some live by certain codes.  Some belong to certain clubs or organizations.  Some have loved and lost and feel connected or passionate about a person place or thing.

We have been blessed with projects where people feel the need to make a very strong personal statement.  We have to identify and feel the emotions as closely as we can in order to connect with our clients so they can feel a sense of pride, joy, even closure whenever they see the item they chose to wrap.


As more time goes on, STW earns more and more opportunities to give back to people who have immersed themselves in a cause that has effected them directly. This is a renewal of passion, dedication, and drive. When these people trust us with their emotions and passions, it is our job, and pleasure, to FEEL and EXPERIENCE these emotions and channel them into our projects. What our goal is, is a chance to share these feelings with people on an entirely emotional level and help turn the feelings into an artistic rendering so that each and every one of these people can feel proud. The vehicle wraps we design for causes helps to share the experience with the rest of the world so our customers become more than just customers, they become family! Every time we are blessed with these projects, it gives us a sense of fulfillment, connection and satisfaction that helps our family members show who they are and what they support.

Please consider STW Graphics for all your "cause" wraps!

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